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We are Caribbean Media House Ltd who are presenting a Caribbean channel 'For us, by Us, called JamTV on SKY and freesat - EVERY Saturday at 6pm-8pm.

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  Advertising & Sponsoring department :
M: (+44) 7951 248 600
O: (+44) 7939 237 552

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JamTV Productions

JamTV Productions

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CMH - Sample Programmes

Hill an Gully Ride
Voyage with this documentary series which takes you on a breath-taking scenic journey on Jamaica’s hidden towns & countryside’s to reveal its heart-warming, entertaining history.
Heather's Kitchen
Heather’s Kitchen - Bringing the all the famous jerk and spice of Jamaica to excite your UK kitchen.
Mandora Time
A warm veranda setting with children listening to stories deep rooted in Jamaica's' culture and sing along songs. A fun children's' entertainment without animation
Dancin Dynamites
Explosive chorographical dance moves performed by various articulate dance groups to win bragging rights, contracts and prize money. Dancers “step up” to show their reggae-matical moves for being no1 on the streets