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Company information

“To assist in the development of early childhood education in Jamaica by improving the quality of pre-school education and learning environments”

Jamaica Basic Schools Foundation (UK) (JBSF) is a registered charitable organisation and a company limited by guarantee, which has been established to aid children attending Basic Schools in Jamaica by advancing the education of those aged between 3 and 6 years. The Foundation will assist basic schools by providing facilities for the education, development and recreation of their students and the training and development of teachers.

The charity was founded by Josephine Williams-Brown in 1995 and currently operates with four patrons; The Jamaican High Commissioner, Lord Morris of Handsworth, John Barnes MBE, Mr Courtney Walsh OJ. The Foundation is managed by an Executive Committee that has been assembled to represent a range of professional skills in the areas of business administration, event management, accountancy, marketing and voluntary work.

Basic School Education is central to the early childhood education programme in Jamaica. There are over 1,500 basic schools in Jamaica that rely in large part upon voluntary effort and charitable contributions. JBSF will work closely with counterpart organisations in Jamaica that can play a collaborative role in effecting its undertaking. One such body is The Dudley Grant Memorial Trust which was established in Jamaica in 1989, shortly after the death of D.R.B. Grant, who is widely regarded as the father of basic schools in Jamaica. The Jamaica Ministry of Education will also be a key partner in JBSF’s ongoing activities.

Specifically, the Foundation will be involved in fund-raising activities and will remit the gross majority of its proceeds to Jamaica. All funds raised will, therefore, benefit that sector of Jamaica’s educational system which has the strongest impact on its youth in the most formative years of their preparation for adult life.

Specifically the Foundation will be involved in fund-raising activities and will remit the gross majority of its proceeds to Jamaica. All funds raised will therefore benefit the sector of Jamaica’s education system which has the strongest impact on its youth in the most informative years of their preparation for adult life.

Investing in Jamaica Basic School Foundation will ensure that children are given the educational support they need to fulfil their potential.

The Jamaican Government brought out a new legislation, setting out standards and requirements that schools should achieve before they can be qualified for registration of educational status. In order to contribute towards this target the Jamaica Basic School Foundation works with the Dudley Grant Memorial Trust to channel funds towards the upgrading of basic schools and Resource Centres located around Jamaica, and the Ministry of Education in identifying the best and most efficient manner in which we can use the funds raised in the UK.

Why Invest? 

Extensive Research has shown that it is the formative years of a child’s life that are the most important in laying the foundation and shaping the adult life.  Jamaica Basic School Foundation has secured a great deal of support to date however additional funds are necessary to meet the specific needs within the basic schools sector.

In Jamaica, the Schools within the Basic School sectors suffer from severe shortage of adequate learning material which is crucial for early childhood development.  Resources that are taken for granted in developed countries are not readily available to those needy schools. Some of the schools, in particular those in the more rural areas have to function under conditions of poor ventilation and lighting, inadequate furniture, poor kitchen and toilet facilities and deteriorating buildings. Such conditions are not conducive to providing an environment with supports the learning process.

It is envisage that we will adopt further basic schools with the aim of promoting model schools across the island.  Since 1996, we have successfully contributed towards the development of over 10 Schools in over 8 Parishes – helps us to accomplish a lot more!  We want you to share in our commitment and encourage you to participate in a worthwhile cause.

Message from Josephine

“The Jamaica Basic School Foundation has achieved many milestones. We continue to fund more basic schools and basic school projects each year and shall endeavour to a get a wider spread of funding across the island. We visit and monitor our funded projects each year and I am always extremely pleased and humbled to see the success of our initiatives and how much a difference the funds that you so generously donate, make to the lives of so many children”.


Collaboration information

Jamaica Basic School Foundation is a charitable organisation which has been set up to aid children attending Basic Schools in Jamaica by providing a wealth of tools to develop the advancement of education for those between 3 and 6 years old.  JamTV wants to help by giving more awareness to this charity to fulfil their potential.

This also assist in promoting awareness to patrons and which in return provides the schools with tools for children to learn whilst recognising the value of education.

Gala Charity Ball 2015

Date of event

Saturday 7th November 2015

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Josephine Williams-Brown

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