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The Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) recently received a donation from the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association in London, England, to assist in its battle against breast cancer in 2013 and in 2014 the charity was Food for the poor.

Carol Shonibare, founder and co-ordinator of the Association, said the donation of J$70,535 was given to the JCS to help assist in reducing the prevalence of the disease among women in Jamaica. The presentation was made to Earl Jarrett, Chairman of the Jamaica Cancer Society recently (October 16).

“Many of us have relatives and friends in Jamaica whose lives have been affected by the disease,” Ms.  Shonibare said. “We, therefore, see this contribution as one way in which we can enhance the work of the Jamaica Cancer Society in tackling the disease.”

Breast cancer is currently one of the leading causes of death among women in Jamaica. Data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that 7.6 million people worldwide died from cancer in 2008, and 30 per cent of these cancers could have been prevented.

“The Jamaica Cancer Society appreciates this contribution,” Mr. Jarrett told the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association founder. “This donation will help us to reach more persons and improve our equipment,” he said.

He pointed out that the JCS plans to upgrade its old mammography machine for new digital equipment during the next year, and the donation could assist in this process.

Each year the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association organises a Fundraising Event to assist a charity; and last year they selected the Jamaica Cancer Society, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which is engaged in activities for the education, prevention and reduction of cancer in Jamaica.  This year it was food for the poor.


This year 2014

presentation of chq 2014

Earl Jarrett, Chairman, Jamaica Cancer Society, receives a monetary contribution from Carol Shonibare, coordinator of the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association. The contribution, which was officially handed over in London, England in February, will go towards the non-profit organization in Jamaica. Also in the photograph are members of the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association, Richard Greene (centre) and Lawrence Shonibare.

The Jamaica Cancer Society was the recipient of a much appreciated cash donation of a little over $70,000 Jamaican dollars. The monetary gift, courtesy of the United Kingdom- based Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association, was presented to Earl Jarrett, Chairman of the Jamaica Cancer Society, on February 21, 2014 at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London, England.

Secretary of the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association, Richard Greene, said the donation is a demonstration of the Association’s concerted effort to contribute to charities in Jamaica that have a significant role in assisting with the development and welfare of members of society who are deemed most vulnerable.

Selected as the charity of choice, the Jamaica Cancer Society is a three-time recipient of cash donations from the Mount Pleasant Jamaica Association, as it was a beneficiary in 2012 and 2013.

“The Association believes that the Jamaica Cancer Society is a good cause to contribute monetary donations to because of its importance in the Jamaican society. Providing a support mechanism for those affected by cancer, the JCS is also effective in bringing attention to the disease and to help in the reduction of cases,” Mr. Greene said.

Citing the last fundraising event as a success, Mr. Greene explained that plans were now underway for the staging of the annual event on 9th August 2014, with proceeds going towards a charity to be “Food for the poor”.



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